Compact Saw Motors

Compact saw motors are studied for all those applications in which an high output but limited dimensions are required. They are particularly suitable for applications on cutting machines (e.g. circular saws) where their lowered shape allows the maximum exploitation of the cutting height. They are usually supplied with a left or right hand threaded shaft, flanges and nut. Special shafts can be projected on request. They are available  in 3 phase execution and they can be equipped with a dc security brake without changing their overall dimensions. 

Compact saw motors frame H48SE

Available from 0.75kw 2 poles up to 1.7kw 2poles.

Compact saw motors frame H71SE,H80SE,H90SE

Available with and without dc brake, 2 and 4 poles, from 1.5kw up to 7.5kw.

Compact Saw motors frame H100SE

Available with and without dc brake,2 and 4 poles from 9.2kw to 11kw.

Special compact saw motors manufactured according to different requests made by our customers.